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One Dollar Bill

Released on January 5, 1963

The one dollar bill is the most common bill in circulation. George Washington is the president on the one dollar bill. The Treasury Department seal is to the right of George Washington, with the Federal Reserve District seal to the left. The balancing scales represent justice and the key represents authority and justice. The signature of the Secretary of the Treasury is below the Treasury Department seal. The paper of the one dollar bill is made of 72.3% cotton and 27.7% linen. The size of the current one dollar bill is 6.14 x 2.61 inches.

One Dollar Bill Reverse The motto "In God We Trust" first appeared in 1957. On the left of the "ONE" is a barren landscape dominated by an unfinished pyramid of 13 steps, topped by the Eye of Providence within a triangle. The one dollar bill is in circulation for approximately 42 months before it is removed due to wear.

1935 $1 Silver Certificate

1935 One Dollar Bill Note that the "One Silver Dollar" was changed to "One Dollar". On the front of the 1935 one dollar silver certificate, the blue number one was changed to gray, the gray one on the right was removed and the treasury seal was made smaller.

1928 $1 Silver Certificate

1928 Silver Certificate All paper currency was changed to its current size in 1928. This is the first one dollar silver certificate issued in the new size. The new (1928) silver certificate had dark blue serial numbers and treasury seal.

1928 Silver Certificate Reverse The reverse of the 1928 one dollar silver certificate had the same border design as the series 1923 one dollar bill.

One Dollar Bill Information
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